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五险一金  弹性工作  出国机会  年终奖金


    Task & Responsibilites 职位描述
 - Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts for a wide range of projects including new product launch and promotional activities;
 - 为新产品发布及市场促销活动等一系列项目提供设计理念和样本布局
 - Visualize new product developments using 3D software
 - 使用3D软件来进行新产品可视化开发
 - Produce and design product literature, print media, promotional goods, store displays, event displays, name cards, social media posts, etc.;
 - 为产品宣传,印刷媒体,促销产品,展厅陈列,活动展览,名片及社交媒体宣传等提供设计方案
 - Designing various leaflets and product information sheets for our sales teams including the copy write work;
 - 为销售团队及广告文案组设计产品宣传册及产品信息表
 - Designing packing and sales solutions;
 - 设计产品包装及销售解决方案
 - Maintaining and designing graphics for company websites and support e-commerce team with graphics used for web based channels.
 - 为公司网站的维护及电子商务团队网络渠道设计相关图片
 - To carry out any other duties as delegated by management from time to time
 - 及时完成管理层安排的其它工作

Qualification for the Job 职位任职资格
 - Bachelor degree or equivalent
 - 本科以上学历
 - 3-4 years at least related professional experience
 - 至少3-4年相关领域工作经验
 - Ability to handle multiple projects and working under pressure
 - 能同时处理多个项目及承受一定的工作压力
 - Good in verbal and written Chinese and English
 - 良好的中英文口语及写作能力
 - Must have skills on 3D rendering.
 - 能熟练使用三维渲染
 - Must have skills on operating programs of Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator and 3D Max. CAD skill is highly preferred.
 - 熟练使用Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator和3D Max等相关设计软件,具备CAD设计技能者优先考虑

Our Offer 我们提供的条件
 - A competitive salary package with flexible working environment.
 - 提供灵活的工作环境及行业内有竞争力的薪酬
 - An exciting position in a Swedish culture oriented, globally active company with own R&D, distribution operations.
 - 在瑞典文化为导向,拥有自主研发及分销业务的国际化企业里工作
 - Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes
 - 扁平化组织结构管理,提供非常短的决策过程
 - Innovative business with best-of-class products for the improvement of home lifestyle.
 - 为家居条件的改善提供一流的产品创新业务




    Interbuild Far East (CN) Ltd. is a sub company of Interbuild Holding Ltd. which is a group of companies of Swedish origin, that since 1995 has been engaged in the design, development, sourcing and sales of an extensive range of garden furniture, decking and deck tiles, indoor furniture, solid wood kitchen worktops, stair – and DIY panels. Our core customer base in found mainly in Europe, United States, India, Australia and New Zealand and consist of World leading furniture retailers, World Class DIY retailers, pure E-Commerce retailers, the Kitchen and Stair Industry as well as distributors of these. With our wide range of Commercial Delights, with Extensive Capacities from more than 50 factories, with solid Quality Assurance systems in place and with a Thorough Understanding on World Class retailers’ demands, we possess a strong foundation to serve the worldwide market with many different Home Furnishing categories.